Mpokolo Congo vzw

Support group actions and activities

Article 3 of the statutes of the non-profit organization Mpokolo-Congo:

“Art. 3. The non-profit organization aims to be an independent support group for Ivo Vanvolsem’s shelter Mpokolo wa Muoyo in Kananga, D.R. Congo. To this end, it wants to develop the following activities: seeking and contacting persons and organizations, which could support this work; organizing and coordinating events with the aim of raising funds; cooperation with other development organizations -and workers.”

See the statutes of the asbl in the Belgian Official Gazette:

Since the establishment of the Mpokolo-Congo Support Group on November 18, 2017 – first as a de facto association; since April 6, 2021 as a non-profit organization – we have held a number of actions and activities to achieve our objective. In the list below you will find an overview of these. You can always click through to each action for more information.

November 8, 2018

→ Movie night in Buizingen

February 23, 2019

→ Quiz in Sint-Genesius-Rode

April 2019

Film screening in schools


January 25, 2020

→ Kuumba information and discussion evening – Congoforum

April-May 2021

→ Cooking pots for Kananga

July 2021

→ Publicity brochure

April 19, 2022

→ Alloo with Ivo

March-April 2023

→ Omer