Mpokolo Congo vzw

Cooking pots for Kananga
April - May 2021

Following a call for help from Father Ivo from Kananga, we posted the following message on our facebook page:

Dear friends,
Mpokolo wa Muoyo in Kananga is in urgent need of some new cooking pots. These are 45 and 55 cm diameter cooking kettles. These kettles can be found in Kananga, but cost a total of $500.
We want to help finance this purchase in fairly short order. Will you participate? Any donation (5, 10, 20, 50, … euros) is welcome on the following account number:
BE33 3631 9834 6246 from: Support Group Mpokolo-Congo, marked “Cooking Pots for Kananga”.
Please note that we cannot issue a tax certificate for deposits made to this account number.
Hopefully, thanks to your donation, the cooking mothers of Mpokolo wa Muoyo will soon be able to get started with new cooking pots.
Many thanks.
Mpokolo-Congo Support Group.

Two weeks later, we were allowed to share the following on facebook:

With our appeal a good two weeks ago, we hoped to raise 500 euros fairly quickly to finance new cooking pots for Mpokolo wa Muoyo. Today we are happy to report that the counter stands at 2,881.50 euros! More than enough to buy the necessary new cooking pots.
But buying too many cooking pots doesn’t make much sense either. Therefore, what is left over from your lovely contributions – in itself a nice amount – will be used to fill these cooking pots.
Soon will come the period when the prices of harvested corn are at their lowest. Mpokolo wa Muoyo then buys up an entire stock for 12 or 18 months.
Very many thanks for your wonderful donations for the (filled!) cooking pots for Kananga!