Mpokolo Congo vzw

Kuumba information and discussion evening - Congoforum
January 25, 2020

On January 25, 2020, we took part with our support group in the information and discussion evening organized by the Flemish-African House (Kuumba) and by Congoforum, which strives to collect and disseminate reliable news about Congo. The evening took place at the Matonge neighborhood in Brussels (Chaussée de Wavre, 78). 

First, the Fourth Pillar presented its operation: this organization aims to join forces with the other three pillars [governmental, international and national non-governmental development organizations (NGOs)] in independent development projects supported by regional or local groups. Four of these projects were able to present themselves during the evening: Mama Lufuma (shelter for young single mothers and their children in Matadi), Ekimanyelo (pre-school to secondary education in Lodja), Zaba Kina (agricultural project and orphanage in Boma) and Mpokolo-Congo. 

The intention was to learn from each other and, through cross-fertilization, improve the efficiency of each support group. The various stories show that things do change in Congo and that small-scale projects can remain viable given a good strategy.